Boomn is looking for a creative and marketing-minded individual to work with our clients on growth and marketing campaigns. The marketing intern would work directly with our VP of Digital to create, implement and track various marketing campaigns for our client portfolio. Responsibilities may differ weekly but likely will include:

  • Define and create digital marketing strategies to drive online traffic and online sales
  • Develop digital marketing campaign strategy including, content marketing, email marketing, social media management, etc.
  • Develop and create marketing materials, client communications
  • Manage social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Monitor, measure, and report social media activities, trends, and campaign results
  • Support our content marketing initiatives by writing and producing content on a weekly basis. Write fresh, engaging content with an understanding of the different communities


  • Highly creative, scrappy and resourceful
  • Able to think creatively AND analytically, and to balance multiple projects at once
  • Willing to learn managing PPC, Social Media Advertising, Email Drip Campaigns, etc.
  • Excellent project and time management skills


About Boomn:
  • Boomn is a boutique digital marketing agency that focuses on creative and unique customer acquisition strategies and campaigns online


  • Downtown Chicago, Illinois -or- Downtown Kansas City, Missouri


  • Flexible work schedule
  • Downtown office
  • Opportunity to work at a fast growing agency
  • Industry leading clients



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